Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Truck Ideas For 2009 - Tonneau Covers and Inexpensive Parts For Your Truck

What Accessory Can I Afford To Personalize My Truck?

"I want to style out my Tacoma, but can't afford to spend as much money on it." This is a similar quote to what many vehicle owners are saying or at least thinking today. Since accessories and add-on parts are not exactly needed but do enhance our every day driving experience, many consumers are cutting back on what they purchase and are sticking more to their necessities. Especially since there is a level of uncertainty right now in the economy.

What or research team wanted to put together was a list of the top products that truck owners could still afford without dishing a heavy load of pocket change. We also wanted to choose products that could apply to several different truck models. So whether you have an F150, Dodge Ram, or Ford Ranger, we wanted to put a list together of products that could enhance your exact truck model well.

The first of this article series has to do with TruckCovers. Tonneau covers, which are sometimes also called Truck Bed Covers, protect the goods that you store in the bed. There are several brands and several styles, so the decision can be tough with all the several options. I recommend hitting up some of your favorite automotive forums to see which brands are popular for your particular model.

Cover Styles

Soft Tonneau Covers - These bed covers are very easy to install and tend to be the least expensive because they roll up for access into the bed and rely on Velcro to fasten the tonneau down. The materials vary for soft roll-up tonneau covers, but most are made of durable vinyl. Many brands offer different warranties covering their products, so it would be wise to find a brand that has a really good warranty on their soft tonneau covers.

Hard Tonneau Covers - Hard tonneau covers are usually custom-fit for your exact truck model and tend to cost more. Not only are they custom-fit, they are usually paint matched to your vehicle's paint job. The materials usually used are similar to truck shells, made of fiberglass. There also also many hard tonneau covers made of durable aluminum. Again, looking for a strong warranty from your brand of choice is recommended.

Tool Box Tonneau Covers - When your truck has a tool box at the end of the truck bed, you will need purchase a tool box tonneau to fit your modified bed design. So not only will you be able to store your tools in your truck tool box, you will also be able to store tools and any working materials underneath the truck tonneau cover. Many tonneaus have locking devices too, your working materials will be safe and protected.

Hinged Tonneau Covers - These covers act as trunk lids, providing fast and easy access to your entire bed. Hinged covers are great because they lift up in seconds with very minimal effort... a great solution for women and those that don't want to have to work the Velcro on soft tonneaus. Hinged tonneau covers can also be completely removed for large loads. So you can manage to keep your goods in your bed safe and still be able to move large things in your bed with this bed covers style.

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