Friday, November 29, 2013

Fuel Cell Technology Could Be Beneficial to Auto Industry

Fuel cell technology is one of the advanced technologies that auto manufacturers are trying to perfect at the moment. This is most possibly due to the high rise of gas prices as well as the large amount of concerned consumers and manufacturers on the harmful emissions that ordinary vehicles and cars emit.

According to Vijay Shankar Murthy, a senior research analyst from Frost & Sullivan, "Fuel cells are likely to be initially targeted on fleet vehicles. Following the success of these cells in fleet vehicles, other vehicles such as passenger cars and trucks are expected to exhibit similar trends." And if this kind of technology proves to be much more beneficial than the usual, the auto industry sure would be reaping in more consumers which could result to higher amount of sales. Although Geo auto parts creators and other auto parts manufacturers may not directly benefit from this, the more sales of vehicles would also help them out have much sales. More vehicles on the streets would also equate to more sales for auto parts and auto accessories.

Aside from these, there are even growing pressures from the regulations and rules given out by authorities and government groups like the Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, as well as the Department of Transportation or the DOT. These groups are much encouraging the use of fuel cell technologies. You see, these technologies actually are a surefire way of ensuring that vehicle emissions are greatly reduced. Consumers who also use cars with fuel cell technology are able to save much on the much coveted fuel and gas.

Murthy further explains, "Prospective fuel cell technologies for the automotive industry such as solid oxide, proton exchange membrane, and alkaline fuel cells can power a variety of automobiles including trucks, cars, and motorcycles." Indeed, if this kind of technology is further developed, results could prove to be very beneficial not only to consumers and manufacturers alike but also to the environment.

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