Friday, March 28, 2014

Finding Automotive Replacement Parts for Your Vehicle

Whether you're a consumer waiting on a vehicle repair, a service provider in the automotive industry, or a car enthusiast, finding quality automotive replacement parts can at times feel like a scavenger hunt gone bad. While some stores offer cheaper parts, others may present a better value. While you can count on your dealership for quality, they may not have your part in stock. With so many options to weigh, considering factors and scenarios to match, the following functions as a general guide to determining the best place to find automotive replacement parts, and under what conditions.

Auto Parts Retail Store

With the proliferation of franchised auto part retailers, chances are there is a location right around your corner. Stores like Parts Plus will most likely have the lowest prices and a wider selection of parts than small family owned auto parts stores. Auto parts retail stores are usually best for generic auto parts and accessories such as oil filters and windshield wipers.

Car Dealership

If a specific part is required, such as a passenger side door handle for a 1996 black Toyota Camry, a visit to your car dealership may be in order. However, it's rare that a dealership will have your specific automotive replacement part in stock, which typically results in increased wait times and marked up prices. Since manufacturers often mark up rates to cover services costs, visiting a dealership should be a last resort.

Auto Salvage Yard

When inexpensiveness is paramount, auto salvage yards are the destination of choice. "Junkyards" will sell automotive replacement parts for just a few dollars, and most carry a wide selection. Use caution. Buying critical automotive replacement parts like those for a transmission, poses the risk of walking away with parts of poor quality. To avoid part failure, these shops should be visited only when seeking out automotive replacement parts that are cosmetic in nature.


With the advent of the internet, wholesale Websites of both new and used automotive replacement parts have begun to find a home on the World Wide Web. Though many online storefronts offer secure ordering and prompt shipping of well made, inexpensive automotive replacement parts, caution is always warranted when shopping online. Look for a phone number so you can speak directly with a customer service representative to help you understand payment, shipping and return policies.

Another crucial factor is security. Look for the HTTPS: protocol in the Web address of the payment page to determine whether your ordering information will be secure, private and protected. (When the browser address bar reads https; it means the Webpage is encrypted with a secure socket layer, or SSL Certificate.) A Webpage with an SSL should also have the SSL logo displayed. Clicking on the logo will show whether the SSL is valid and if it is expired. When online auto stores pass the security test, they can be the absolute best places to find automotive replacement parts; price is often lower online, given the many wholesale providers buying directly from the manufacturer.

Post a Classified Ad

If you still cannot find the replacement part you're looking for, try to reach out to the people in your community. Posting an ad in a local newspaper or on free classified Websites such as Craigslist ( can be rewarding. You may find that someone in your area has a car that doesn't run but has the working part you are looking for.

Join a Car Club

Finally, if you are looking for automotive replacement parts for classic cars, joining a car club is a good idea, albeit an obvious one. Enthusiasts know that finding automotive replacement parts for cars that our 40 or 50 years old can be quite the challenge. Car clubs will provide tons of resources - and can be a way for you to reach a community of people with similar cars.

Though there are several avenues to finding automotive replacement parts, do look first online to avoid spending unneeded time, money and effort. When credible, online storefronts deliver beyond expectation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Passion and Excellence-Honda Parts

It has to do with excellence. It has to do with passion. That's how Honda parts work. This is what sets Honda Motor Limited Company, and thus, Honda parts, from the rest of its competitors and competitor products vying to capture its much coveted place in the automotive world market today. Tough it has lesser numbers of assembly plants compared to another Japanese automaker, Toyota, Honda is the largest engine manufacturer that operates on an international scale. Founded in 1948, just three years after the war had ravaged the world, particularly after the nuclear bomb had surprised citizens of the world near and far, the Honda Motor Limited Company was born.

Soichiro Honda was the founding genius behind the success of Honda. A brilliant mechanic, he conceived an innovative design for piston rings in 1938 that he attempted to sell to Toyota. It wasn't until two years after that his efforts would pay off and that he would be able to build the Honda piston manufacturing company to supply Toyota with these auto parts. Then the war began and left the country in economic ruin. Most companies didn't survive and Honda was one of them. But, though the country was in desperate straits, with people left and right, homeless as well as hungry and those who were able, paying astronomically high prices for food and fuel, Honda utilized what was left of the component facilities and rigged an engine to a bicycle. Though primitive in appearance and design, it served its purpose: it was low-cost and it was competent--exactly what the people needed.

In the years that would follow, Honda would adapt this same principle that would prove effective for its expansion programs as well as for its Honda cars and Honda parts campaigns. Because more than the market demands, what Honda answered with its production of motorcycles of a long line of products that now include trucks, scooters, along with jet engines in conjunction with its role in jet production, were specific consumer needs. After the first few post-war years, when everyone feared that the best minds and the best people in the world were dead, companies like Honda, among some others, strove to prove the world wrong. When the 50's ushered in a new era, it found Japan trying to pick itself up again. Granted, it was a little wobbly on its pins but the economic scope was definitely looking up and businesses like Honda were not one to give up. In 1947, Honda A-Type was produced, and a year later, the company was officially established. Honda Motor Limited Company was back on its feet.

In 1958, the American Honda Company made its presence known in the market, launching its first model in US soil a year after with the 59 Honda Super Cub. With the approach of the late 1960s, Honda was already a name in itself in world markets, having finally broken into the conservative British markets with a measure of success at this time. In the 1970s, Honda was already the largest motorcycle maker in the world. Up to this day, Honda's trademark excellence, passion and dedication to the work still continues to be incorporated in its products, namely in its engines, in its usual line of auto components and other auto replacements parts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chevrolet Corvette 2006: Get Superior Chevrolet Auto Parts From Partstrain

With 500 horsepower, GM says the 2006 Corvette Z06 is the fastest, most powerful car ever offered by the automaker. The car can zip from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds and fly through the quarter-mile in less than 12 seconds with a top speed of more than 190 mph on a racetrack.

"We buy watches that cost thousands of dollars and don't tell time better than a $20 Swatch," said Bob Lutz, vice chair of General Motors Corporation. It's the same thing with high-horsepower cars. You don't move any faster in traffic than you do with a Chevy Aveo, but it's all about knowing that you have all this power and potential at your disposal." The car's body is made of aluminum, and the front fenders and front wheelhouses are made of carbon fiber. The Z06 also has a unique front fascia with a larger grille, cold-air scoop and lower air splitter. The interior is different, too, with a special gauge cluster featuring the Z06 logo on the tachometer and lightweight two-tone seats.

Derived from Chevy's successful Corvette racing program, the ZO6 has an all-new chassis that replaces the conventional car's steel parts with lightweight aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber. The new LS7 7.0-liter OHV (overhead valve) V-8 engine for the 2006 ZO6 Corvette will not only achieve 500 horsepower, it will be capable of running up to 7100 rpm. The previous limit was 6600 rpm in the 6.0-liter LS2.

The new LS7 7.0-liter OHV (overhead valve) V-8 engine for the 2006 ZO6 Corvette will not only achieve 500 horsepower, it will be capable of running up to 7100 rpm. The previous limit was 6600 rpm in the 6.0-liter LS2. With this new engine, GM is showing multi-valve overhead cam performance is achievable with a two-valve cam-in-block engine. For the new ZO6, higher rpm allows the driver to remain in first gear to just over 60 mph, contributes to higher top speed and improves overall vehicle performance. The LS7 is one of the first automotive OHV production engines in the industry capable of more than 7000 rpm.

Amidst all the technological advances in the automotive world, Parts Train remains committed to delivering superior Chevrolet Auto Parts to its customers worldwide. It has proven reliability for genuine and quality Chevrolet auto parts keep customer loyalty for years. Consumer interest in performance vehicles is also reflected in the growing number of enthusiasts around the world, maintain the value of your Chevy browse on their online shop and find dependable, long lasting Mercedes replacement parts, performance parts, body parts and a whole lot more.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ford Auto Parts

Whether you are a Ford enthusiast or not you might need Ford auto parts. Of course you can buy your parts in a dealership or in local parts stores, but the best options are online; online, you can get new or used parts and accessories for almost any Ford models through the time. It's easy and very convenient; you can just do a simple search in one of the major search engines with the model you want plus the part you want. There are usually two kinds of buyers of Ford parts online

  • people that drives a Ford regularly who have noticed that vehicle parts can be purchased cheaper and easier on the internet and
  • Ford enthusiasts who are collecting and restoring old models.

Let's say you are in the last group mentioned above and that you want to fix up an old Fairlane, Galaxie or Mustang. The nice thing with the internet is that the parts you need for the restoring are right at the front of your thoughts. There are loads of websites offering parts like, specialized Ford part online stores, websites for Ford clubs or enthusiasts, classified ad websites, old car model directories, online forums that are targeted to Ford enthusiasts etc.

Of course you can go to your local dealership. Another nice thing with internet however, is that the selection is so tremendously larger than you can find in any local dealership. And the likehood of getting what you want for a cheaper price compared to a local dealer is high. And that is a good thing as well, especially if you have old model restoring as a hobby. Why pay more for a part than necessary, no matter how old and rare it is? Yet another benefit with the internet is that the internet auto stores and part dealerships are available 24 hours 7 days a week. You can search for and order a part when you want, from the comfort of your home. And high quality web dealerships also ships your ordered parts in a matter of days. Beat that!

Ford is one of the few automobile companies that have outlasted all the challenges it faced throughout its long and turbulent history. Established way back in 1903, it still remains as one of the major manufacturers in the automotive industry. If you are the lucky owner of a Ford, be proud and rest assured that almost any part you're going to need is available at the tips of your fingers, from your own home thanks to the internet.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Periodic Maintenance For Your Vehicle Is Essential To Its Continued Performance And A Longer Life

Conducting periodic maintenance will ensure its performance capabilities and life of your vehicle. The following are general recommended intervals for your passenger vehicle, SUV, minivan and pickup truck and are based on oil changes performed every 3,000 miles. Always read your owner's manual for other recommendations.

Every month check the following:

o Engine light - if the engine light remains lit after the vehicle is started; check the owner's manual for possible malfunctions. The vehicle may have an emissions or sensor problem. If it is blinking, it indicates a more serious problem and needs immediate attention.

o Lights -Inside and outside the vehicle. Check the fuses first, then the light bulbs. Buy the recommended size and type for your vehicle at your local auto parts shop. If you are unsure of the type, the helpers at the auto parts shop can locate the right light or fuse.

o Proper tire inflation and condition - Not only does the correct pressure help ensure the life of the tire, but also your gas mileage. Check tread and general condition of each tire including the spare. The tires should be free of bulges, cracks and uneven wear. Any of these imperfections are a sign of needed replacement.

o Windshield washer fluid - Some vehicles have two reservoirs. If the fluid is low, do not replace with regular tap water. Fill with only windshield washer fluid from your local auto parts shop.

Every 3 months or 3000 miles (whichever comes first) check the following:

o Automatic Transmission Fluid - Check the fluid with the engine running and transmission in park. If the dipstick indicates it is low, add the manufacturer's recommended type until the dipstick indicates it is full. If the fluid type is unknown or difficult to read on the dipstick, contact your local auto parts shop and ask for help. ATF only needs to be changed every 2 years or 24,000 miles.

o Battery and Cables - Battery cables should be clean and securely mounted. If the battery is three years old or more, it should be tested and checked and replaced if necessary. Visit Parts Plus Auto store to buy a battery if necessary.

o Belts - Check V and serpentine belts for wear and tear. They should not have visible signs of cracking, fraying, or glazing this indicates excessive wear and needs replacement. The timing belt is typically replaced every 60,000 to 90,000 miles and can be bought or ordered from an auto parts shop.

o Air and oil filters - inspect engine air filters at every oil change and replace annually or sooner if the filter is oil soaked or shows signs of excessive wear. Oil filters should be changed and replaced at every oil change to maximize an engine's performance.

o Fuel Filter - Inspect. For vehicles with carburetors, the filter should be replaced annually while those with fuel injection only needs replaced every two years or 24,000 miles.

o Hoses - Inspect and change when cracked, leaking, rusted or restricted.

o Power steering fluid - Check when the car is warm and if topping off is required regularly, then it is time to get it checked for leaks.

o Follow monthly checks as well

Every 6 months or 6000 miles in addition to regular monthly maintenance and 3 month checks:

o Chassis lubrication - Most newer model vehicles do not require this check although steering and suspension components may need lubrication.

o Exhaust - Inspect for leaks, cracks and damaged supports or hangers. A leaking exhaust is dangerous and needs maintenance immediately.

o Polish - Use only automotive polish instead of regular dish soap to prevent removing the original polish from the vehicle. Automobiles only need waxed and polished twice a year.

o Wiper blades - Replace if chipped, cracked, streaking or excessively worn.

Every 9 months or 9000 miles - same as 3 and 6-month maintenance checks.

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles check the following:

o Brakes - Check entire brake system including rotors, drums and brake linings. Most replacement parts are sold at the auto parts shop.

o Cabin air filter - Replace once a year or in places where air contaminants are worse or when heating and cooling is not working properly.

o Coolant (antifreeze) - Change annually when the engine is cold; mix with a 50/50 solution as recommended by the owner's manual. Some brands are premixed and are sold at auto parts shops.

o Steering and Suspension - Inspect the entire system and replace as needed. Symptoms of a replacement needed are uneven tire wear and excessive bouncing after bumps.

Keep a schedule of monthly maintenance in your car, so you will know what service is required at your vehicle's next check up. Many owners' manuals have a place to write down service dates and maintenance performed.

Friday, March 21, 2014

It Is About Time the US Government Called China Onto the Carpet for Car Parts at the WTO

Everyone knows or should have known that from time to time governments go to bat for industry, or their capitalist friends. Some of this is crony capitalism, and some is the belief that it is simply necessary to maintain industry economic vitality in a key sector, or to protect the country's critical supply chain, jobs, or military strength.

Oh you know there are 100s of reasons why, some viable, most not, but this is what governments do, all of them, and although the US is better than most, we are not perfect either, surely we can agree to some level of honesty in this conversation right? Okay good, then let's continue the dialogue here today.

Now then, one of the big problems with state-run-capitalism or government sponsored businesses and industries are that they forgo some of the brilliance of free-market capitalism theory and our international goals of free and fair trade. How about a case in point to lead this off? There were several articles published on September 17, 2012 after the Obama Administration decided to file charges at the WTO against China for automotive parts;

1. Wall Street Journal article; "US to File Charges on China" by Carol E. Lee and Damian Paletta.

2. New York Times article; "US to File WTO. Case Against China Over Cars" by Keith Brandsher.

3. Reuters News article; "US launches auto case against China, Beijing fires back" by Jeff Mason and Tom Miles.

All of which mentioned that the Chinese government has subsidized over $1 Billion in cars and car parts. Okay so, this is absolutely no surprise to the Auto Industry, at least no one I know in the auto sector, everyone knows that China is subsidizing things, yet, why did it take so long to do anything about? Well, it's an election year, Ohio is a swing state and Obama needs that state to win the election, so his move is politically motivated as much as it is overdue.

What wasn't mentioned in Obama's speech to the unions or in the media propaganda put out by the administration was the multi-decade problem of Chinese knock-off parts coming to our shores. Imagine, counterfeit GM parts coming to America and for sell at half the price of authentic GM parts, perhaps made by GM or perhaps under a license. Delphi filed bankruptcy long before GM, how could they compete with Chinese fake parts pretending to be real in some cases and in others touting the fact that they were not original therefore half price.

Worse, imagine those factories making those parts were subsidized somehow by the Chinese government? Ouch, talk about adding insult to injury. Does the Obama Administration want us to believe that this is the very first time they'd noticed, so now they are doing something about it?

Ah, horsecrap, this is an election year, that's what this is about, they should have done something about this on day-one of the Administration and to do it now is merely pandering for votes. So, that to me is just pathetic. Please consider all this and think on it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Find The Parts You Need For Your Car At Online Auto Parts Stores

Here is some great news for you car owners: Online automotive stores are now offering parts for your automobiles at rock bottom prices. Along with absolute customer satisfaction, you can experience excellent performance and quality from your auto parts, all while saving money. Up to a 50 percent discount is offered on your choice of newer or older model parts for your car with many online sites.

Let's take a gander at the great deals that online automotive parts stores have for your car's exhaust system.

Emissions are the Mission

Over the years, the automobile industry has taken an active part in helping the environment. There is a firm belief that the smog emissions from automobiles are the major cause of ozone depletion and smog. Online automotive stores are combating this by offering the highest quality in exhaust parts on the market. These web stores believe that the exhaust system is very important to the maintenance of the car, therefore they only offer the most reliable parts.

In the past few years, the requirements for emissions testing have risen due to the overflow of concern for the environment. Since the late 1970s, all automobiles have been required to add a catalytic converter to their exhaust systems. The catalytic converter is the part of the exhaust system that filters out the excess gas produced by the combustion. This cleaner air is then sent out of the automobile via the exhaust pipe.

With two different kinds of exhaust systems, (The Dual Exhaust System, and Emission Control System), you are more than likely going to find something you like. The DES features 2 tailpipes, which allows the engine to exhale easier. This exhaust system also reduces the pressure on the engine, which allows the engine to inhale easier for a more effective thermo genesis.

The ECS centers on diminishing the amount of smog released by the exhaust. This system can be broken down into two subcategories: elimination, and alteration. This system keeps the smog from forming, and alters the spin-off before the exhaust is discharged into the environment.

Get Your Motor Running Efficiently

When you make sure that your engine is running properly, you are helping to reduce the release of smog. For example: if you own an old car, you can upgrade its exhaust system, engine, and electrical parts. This helps your car run more economically and helps reduce needless combustion waste.

You can also help keep your car running efficiently by reducing any unnecessary weight. Keeping it light and tight helps keep your engine from having to work harder to pull all the extra poundage around. You can lighten your car's load by purchasing high quality body parts that are more durable, but made from lighter materials. Log onto a store and find what you need.

Online automotive stores that feature parts can offer you exactly what you deserve- the absolute best auto parts on the market at the best possible prices. Not only do they offer top quality exhaust system parts, there are parts for almost any make, model, and year you own.

Online automotive stores offer dependable, heavy duty parts for trucks, sport utility vehicles, and larger work automobiles. Because these automobiles are used for the more tough jobs and have the highest emissions requirements, they deserve the toughest parts and the best possible exhaust system parts. Additional auto parts are available here as well: headlamps, mirrors, coolant systems, brake lights, and tires, all at a reasonable price.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Simple, Fast, and Affordable Ways to Enhance Your Chevy Available at Your Friendliest Auto Dealer

Since man developed fondness for automobiles, the auto industry just grew bigger and more diversified. Almost every stage in the history of cars is marked by an invention, an introduction of a new design or car concept and a whole lot of new ideas aimed at improving car's performance, style and safety features. Likewise, replacement auto parts market has thrived due to the growing demands of auto users. Hence, today, more choices of high quality auto parts and even accessories are available for your car repair, car maintenance and customization.

Auto Parts Discount is one of your top auto parts dealers that bring to you a wide selection of replacement parts from BMW parts to Ford parts, Jeep parts, and GMC parts. If you have an old car, whether it's an old Chevrolet Impala or an old Ford Mustang, this store can help you make your car livelier and more fun to drive. Accessories ranging from floor mats to different kinds of specially designed auto lights, mirrors, carpets and spoilers can be easily purchased in its convenient, safe and complete online store. These are all sourced from top car part manufacturers and are designed to match your car's specifications.

It's easy to upgrade your old Chevy and modify its looks at Auto Parts Discount. You can start it by replacing your car's carpet or floor mat. Even if your Chevrolet carpet or your Chevrolet floor mats aren't that old yet, they need to be replaced periodically since dirt and grime often get stuck in them. Especially if the stitching of your old Chevrolet carpet has already been badly frayed, you need to replace it now or else be very uncomfortable. It always feels good to have something neat, smooth and comfortable to step on as you ride inside the car, so make sure you replace your Chevrolet carpet with a good quality carpets.

Carpets available at this complete automotive parts store are molded to your specific Chevrolet model, which means they are perfect fit to the floor panel. They are made of finest materials so you are sure that they wont fade out and wear out easily. Also, these floor mats come in wide variety of design and color so you can choose one that fits your car's interior; hence you can increase your car's riding comfort without damaging its aesthetic look with these accessories.

Other Chevrolet parts offered here in this one-stop auto parts dealer online are Chevrolet lights like headlights, taillights and corner lights, Chevrolet mirrors and Chevrolet spoilers. Aside from their known functionality, these auto parts help in improving your car's styling. Auto lights for example make your car extra attractive as they provide bright illumination at night while spoilers make your car look like real sports cars.

Making your old car more exciting to drive need not be financially burdensome. All you need is some imagination. Auto parts like the auto bumpers, carpets, lights, car wheels, mirrors, spoilers and catalytic converters can bring more life to your everyday driving.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dodge Parts: Numero Uno

Trusted racing manufacturer Dodge no doubt still leads today's racing automotive industry. With its powerful race cars built for top speed and driving quality, it's no wonder Dodge is still up there in the top place. Beyond the racing league, the Dodge name also means large and powerful trucks. In fact, this is what often springs to mind when the Dodge name is mentioned: powerful trucks. But aside from their heavy trucks and racing autos, Dodge is also known for its smaller but equally powerful and muscular automobiles like their sedans. Despite the rise of many automobile manufacturers in the past several years, Dodge has managed to maintain its standing at the top.

Dodge, however, did not enter the automotive business with a grand entrance. Like most auto parts manufacturers, it started from a small company and only became big in the process. Dodge brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge set up the Dodge Brothers Bicycle & Machine Factory in 1901. The company was manufacturing Dodge parts essential to early automotives when it entered partnership with Ford. After several years, the Dodge brothers decided to produce their own cars. Finally, on December 14, 1914, the first ever Dodge automobile was produced.

With the big competitors already existing when it entered the biz, the plight to success wasn't an easy road. But the challenge and tight competition was all the push and motivation that Dodge needed to struggle hard and produce exemplified and innovative autos and auto parts. With its great innovations and dedication, Dodge achieved top status and remains to be one of the industry's most successful auto manufacturers.

At present, Dodge is part of the Daimler-Chrysler company, and there are various vehicles in the market today bearing the Dodge brand, in addition to the Dodge classics. Top models of today include the Neon, Stratus, Magnum, Viper, Durango, Ram Truck, Sprinter, and Caravan. One thing's assured: be it a classic Dodge or a modern model, you can be sure of top quality when it bears the Dodge logo.

As mentioned, lots of different types of Dodge cars and trucks can be found in the market today, but, even a larger number of Dodge parts that suit each type of Dodge auto exist. Whether it's a Dodge sedan, Dodge compact car, Dodge truck or Dodge sports car you have, you can be sure it's set up with only top quality parts, and when the need for replacement comes, Dodge parts in the OEM and aftermarket business abound. Even if your Dodge car is old or new, worry not as there's never a scarcity in replacement or restoration Dodge parts. You can now have your much-needed Dodge part without exerting much effort to look for that single part. All you need to do is install the Dodge part you need to keep your Dodge pride up and running.

Just remember that proper care and maintenance of your Dodge vehicle is important to make sure its individual parts are functioning well. Since you own a champion with your Dodge, make sure you treat it like a champion.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Roush Drag Pack Mustang: To Conquer The Streets And The Strips

It is no secret that Ford Motor Company is exerting extra efforts to be back in the automotive spotlight. Earlier, Ford launched its Bold Moves, the automaker's advertising strategy that is made up of several episodes and product launches.

Bold Moves, the online documentary of Ford, includes the Way Forward plan. The latter is designed to convey the essence of building Ford vehicles. The documentary also shows Ford's programs aimed at guiding its workers who are about to lose their job due to find new employment.

"The documentary will present a picture of a company that is committed to revitalization through our people, products, improved quality and costs, and a laser-sharp focus on the customer," said Mark Fields, Ford's President of the Americas. "Each episode will provide evidence that it's not business as usual at the Ford Motor Company and that 'Change or Die' is not a sound bite. It's the way we're approaching our future."

According to Mary Lou Quesnell, director of Ford Brand DNA, "Over time, the body of work we are creating will tell a compelling story about bold products, bold leadership and Ford's customer focus. We will provide both sides of the conversation and let America watch Ford's turnaround as it happens."

Bold Moves is produced by JWT Detroit and JWT New York. Said production is directed by Radical Media Inc., a famed New York-based production company. The latter has already established its name in making quality documentaries. In fact, it was given the highly-acclaimed Academy Award in its previous production.

Part of Bold Moves is the introduction of striking vehicle lineup to revive its charisma and lure more car enthusiasts. Its new lineup includes the rear-wheel drive Fusion, C1-based Focus, Fiesta, and the Mustang. Auto parts Ford Focus are subjected to several enhancements. Consequently, Ford Fiesta performance parts and Ford Mustang parts accessories are painstakingly tested to pave way to powerful vehicles that bear the automaker's unmistakable quality and performance.

Other Ford brands will also have empowered vehicle lineup. Lincoln will maintain the production of MKZ/Zephyr and Town Car. Mercury, on one hand, will be offering Montego, Milan, and Meta-one.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Automotive Schools: Your Passport to a Career in Auto Journalism

Automotive schools are a pathway to a dream career as an automotive journalist. Just're flying to the West Coast. On the itinerary: a "product reveal." You've done a hundred of these by now. It's when a car manufacturer invites you, automotive journalist extraordinaire, for a 120-mile round-trip "press drive" of their latest fully loaded model. You always take these test droves slow, tinkering with the sound system, adjusting the seats.

Some of your colleagues prefer the faster-is-better approach, but you... you like to savour every moment, because you love everything about cars, their design, their technology. After all, that's why you went to auto training school in the first place. After the press drive, you will regroup with car-loving journalists from across North America for dinner, courtesy of the car manufacturer, in the restaurant of a 5-star hotel. At your table will be some of the engineers who worked on the car you drove.

Unlike the rest of your colleagues, who came to the profession via journalism rather than auto training school, you will be able to speak with them knowledgeably, thanks to everything you learned at auto training school.

Why Auto Training School Rather Than Journalism School?

  • None of Canada's journalism schools currently offer a specialization in automotive journalism.
  • Although programs do exist in other countries such as England, these can be prohibitively expensive, e.g., one one-year M.A. in automotive journalism charges non-European Union residents $15,700.
  • Niche appeal of transport training. Canada has many automotive journalists, but only a handful have training as auto technicians or engineers. A graduate of auto training school has the advantage of being able to write knowledgeably about technical matters. This specialist knowledge can help them gain audience trust, and endear them to editors.

Auto training school can give automotive journalists insider knowledge about the work of:

  • an auto technician
  • a car salesperson
  • a quality control inspector in an automotive parts plant
  • a computer-aided designer
  • a parts broker
  • a truck driver
  • a dispatcher
  • an automotive journalist
  • an operators manager
  • a log book auditor
  • a vehicle emissions inspector
  • a non-flying ground support equipment mechanic
  • a collision estimator
  • a auto body technician
  • a heavy duty equipment service technician

Automotive schools can prepare automotive journalists to sell themselves as a car expert to:

  • specialty magazines
  • newspapers
  • websites
  • TV shows
  • radio shows

What Do Automotive Journalists Do?

  • weigh cars
  • drive them around test tracks
  • attend "First Drive" events
  • take notes on performance
  • borrow cars from the press-drive fleets maintained by manufacturers in most major cities (freelancers, beware: you will be expected to shoulder the costs of your own fuel)
  • travel to events
  • attend auto shows
  • assess price

It is an asset if you also have the ability to take your own publication-quality photos.

So, if the idea of test driving cars for a living sounds pretty attractive to you, you may want to pursue a career in automotive journalism, by taking transport training. Canada has many automotive schools that can prepare you for a life of "products reveals" and "press drives." Auto training school may be a springboard for aspiring auto journalists.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Outstanding Automotive Accessories - Charging And Starter Auto Parts

We all love to flaunt our style and prestige value in front of our friends and family relatives. It is a common practice which is followed by the individuals all over the world. I must tell you that one can easily customize his/her car by affixing some innovative and pulsating accessories. It can really make your car look good. Charging and starter arrangements are an integral part of your vehicle's performance. They need to be absolutely perfect in order to ensure proper functioning of your car.

It is pretty essential to note that an automotive mechanic can really help you a lot in this regard. If you are facing any kind of difficulty regarding the replacement of charging and starter system then you got to appoint a trained professional. Now, given below are some of the important points to consider before getting started with this process.

1. Price Range
Considering the price of a particular automotive part is really important for you. You should never leave this topic untouched. Make sure you plan your budget and monetary resources well before purchasing a charging system online. Internet is also a nice place to shop for such products. You can get an easy access to wide range of options on the net. The price range is also quite economical. However, you need to plan the shipping and other transportation charges beforehand.

2. Comfort Comes First
Well, we all want to run away from hard work. I am sure that you are also one such individual who loves to sit back and relax at home. If this is the case then you can take help from a professional. He would strike the best possible deal on your behalf. By doing this, you would not only save some time but a lot of money as well.

3. Search For Some Rare Auto Parts
You must be aware of the fact that old charging and starter parts are quite rare to find. One really needs to work hard when it comes to searching for rare automotive parts. An old car or truck can really take a lot of time to get repaired. For this purpose, you will certainly have to research hard.

4. Avoid Duplicate Auto Parts
You should always consider purchasing original automotive parts from the market. Otherwise you might end up on the losing side. It is better to visit a reputed and popular store in the market.

So, these are some of the most important points to note regarding body auto parts. You got to read this article carefully in order to generate the best possible results.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Auto Parts & Accessories Made For Your Car

It would not hurt to buy spare auto parts and accessories for your car especially if you love tinkering with it and would like to make improvements on how the car looks. However, it still takes money to buy anything so it is best to purchase auto parts & accessories that are original and covered with warranty. These will ensure you that you will get your money's worth. There are several auto parts, engine parts and auto accessories you have to learn about especially if it is your first time to buy and own a car. Knowledge on these items will aid you in times of vehicular problems, will let you know whether something has to be replaced or fixed and you will know which items will look good on your car.

There are several auto parts, which are the components of automobiles, that you have to know about such as the:

  • air filter - the device in your car that removes dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from the inside of the vehicle.
  • alternator - the part of your car which is used to charge the battery and power your car's electric system. It converts mechanical energy into electrical when the engine starts running.
  • brake - an important auto part because this is the device used for slowing or stopping your car
  • carburetor - the device in your car that blends air and fuel for the internal combustion engine
  • clutch - the device used for rotating shafts
  • distributor - the device in the ignition system that directs the high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in the correct firing order
  • spark plug - an electrical device used in cars to ignite compressed aerosol gasoline

Another important component in your car that you have to learn the basics is the engine. The engine of your car is the part responsible for starting and running the vehicle. There are four stages involved in a 4-stroke combustion engine cycle and these include:

  • Induction
  • Compression
  • Ignition
  • Emission

There are also different engine types for different vehicles and these include:

  • Gas turbine
  • Piston
  • Jet
  • Rocket engine
  • Steam engine
  • Stirling engine
  • Twingle
  • Rotary
  • Free-piston
  • Swing-piston
  • Orbital
  • Quasiturbine

Auto accessories on the other hand, are add-ons that can make your car look good and even run better. Some of the auto accessories that are often purchased from auto shops are:

  • Anti-fog
  • Armrest
  • Bicycle carrier
  • Body kit
  • Car alarm
  • Child safety lock
  • Cigar lighter receptacle
  • Cup holder
  • Custom wheels
  • Hardtop
  • Headrest
  • Molded carpet
  • Power door locks
  • Power seat
  • Power steering
  • Power windows
  • Sunroof
  • Audio and visual entertainment devices
  • Automotive navigation systems

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finding Good BMW Parts and Accessories

If you are looking for high quality BMW parts and accessories, you want to know where to find the best parts for your model of car. Regardless of what you need to replace or upgrade, whether its engine pieces, interior or exterior parts, you will be more concerned to know where to find auto parts at economical price.

When looking for the best place to get BMW products, it is always best to get them through a certified dealer or supplier. They usually have them in stock, so you can find what you need for your car. In case they do not have the part you need in stock, they can order the right one for your vehicle. You may find the prices a little steep for average buyers, but buying parts from the dealers would guarantee you that the parts are genuine BMW parts and not knock-offs. The fact that you are guaranteed of getting genuine parts and accessories is definitely worth the price.

Also, if you decide to buy your BMW parts from the dealer, they can provide you the help you need with your replacement needs because they have the knowledge and expertise on BMW parts and accessories.

If you are really on a tight budget, then perhaps you should try searching for the parts you need online. You can actually find thousands of auto parts dealers online who offer BMW products at prices you can afford. Just make sure that you buy from a dealer authorized to sell BMW products. It is best to buy auto parts and accessories from authorized dealers online because you know they offer genuine BMW products.

While you are searching online, you might want to search for parts installation guide for your car. This will help you know the right way to install the parts or accessories when you purchase them.

You may also take advantage of the great deals on auto parts and accessories many dealers online offer to consumers. All you need to do is to spend some time to do the research and find the best deals for the parts you need. Find the best and creditable dealer online and you won't regret purchasing BMW parts and accessories from them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Finding Aftermarket Auto Or Truck Parts Online

If you need automotive parts but you're too hooked up on your work, what would you do? Simple, purchase it online!

We can now do away with the tedious task of personally going to an automotive store to buy our automotive accessories - be it car or even truck parts because there are already online stores that offer these automotive accessories. With one simple click of our mouse, our problems on our automobile will be solved.

Online Auto Shop: What is this?
Online auto shop stores offer the consumers the comfort of purchasing their automotive parts via the internet. On top of the comfort, a consumer's search can also be done quickly because some online stores offer links to other online automotive shop stores.

The links to other online auto shops offers the consumers the added advantage of doing their search before finalizing their decision to buy a product, which allows the consumer to compare prices and even scout for discounted car and truck parts. Some auto shops can even give wholesale or warehouse prices to their buyers.

What products are available?
Just like in a conventional auto shop, these online stores also cater to the variety of client needs for automotive parts and accessories. They can provide for original and new car and truck accessories from the OEM or the Original Equipment Manufacturer, aftermarket, and second-hand/used automotive parts. There is also a wide selection of range, styles and manufacturers of auto and truck accessories that a consumer can choose from.

Do I get to see the products?
Online automotive shops usually provides for pictures of their products so consumers can see what they are buying.

What about quality?
The online automotive shops offer products that meet the highest standards of quality which means that they are reliable and heavy duty. The automotive parts sold by online auto shops also came from authorized dealers and manufacturers of automotive accessories just as it is in a conventional automotive shop. Even aftermarket auto parts being sold by online auto shops are high quality. Online automotive shops also offer warranty to their products to vouch for quality. The duration of the warranty can be from one year to a lifetime

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Discount Replacement Auto Parts - Sales Fueled by Hard Economic Times and High Gas Prices

Most Americans rely on their cars for transportation to and from work and the businesses they frequent. It may not be ideal, but without an established, reliable mass transit system available consistently across the cities and states, owning your vehicle and the relative costs is often the reality.

While this can mean that the number of Car Sales and leases drastically diminish, it also means a great deal of experience for the confident and reliant do-it-yourself'ers, who have the mechanical and technical expertise to repair their vehicles, and a great deal of business for the Auto Repair Shops and Auto Body Shops across the nation. With the wild fluctuations in gasoline prices and the current job, tax and financial uncertainties, it makes a lot of sense for drivers to invest in their existing and even older cars.

Let me be clear. Ask any person on the street and he or she will probably admit to deep love for a new car - the new car smell, the crisp driving experience, the sheer thrill of all that shininess. It's an undeniable thrill, but ask them again and you'll soon find out that no one loves a new car payment. New cars are reported to lose as much as 25 percent of their value the minute the driver takes them off the lot and in four years, the depreciation consumes the remainder of its original value. After the initial excitement dies and boredom (think stability instead) sets in, some people can be lead to temptation and start sniffing around the new car lots again. In America, we live in a society that values new, young things and remaining faithful to our older, but often reliable, vehicle can seem a drag.

Take another look, however, and that older, faithful vehicle can easily start to look like a true and reliable friend. Fixing up or repairing your existing vehicle can save you loads of money over the long haul and after all, you already know this vehicle's special quirks, how it handles in all kinds of conditions, and more. There's history in that vehicle my friend! How can you abandon your old friend now? Whether you're the self-reliant owner who repairs your own vehicles or the owner of an Auto Repair shop or Auto body Repair shop, it is very important to recognize some important advancements born of the economic crises and advances in online car parts purchasing.

With advances in the Internet, many companies are beginning to make replacement auto parts and auto body parts available directly to consumers and repair shops at significant discounts, often cutting out the markups that occur in the middle. Of course, it's important for you or for your customers to shop around and many websites support advance search capabilities that ensure price comparisons on Replacement Auto Parts, Auto Body Parts even Automobile Accessories to improve the look of your vehicle and make it run better.

All of the work involved in locating, purchasing, and installing car parts ... well, they take some time - it's true, but improvements in online purchasing can make a difference in how much you pay for parts. Plus the ultimate reward is that you steered clear of a new car payment, found some new knowledge, and even rediscovered an old, reliable friend. What's not to like about that?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Retail Display Racks - The Best Choices For Your Auto Parts Store

No matter what happens with the economy, auto parts stores are going to prosper. People will always need transportation, and having access to an automotive supply retailer will make it possible for them to take care of the car they already have, rather than try to buy a new one they can't afford. If you own or manage an auto part store, you can take advantage of this built-in customer base by making your store clean, organized, and accessible-in other words, an enjoyable experience for your customers! One of the best and simplest ways to do this is by choosing attractive and strong retail display racks.

Customers don't usually notice retail store display racks, of course-but that's a sign that the store fixtures are doing their job. Your new auto parts and other merchandise should be highlighted, encouraging customers to buy the things they need (and a few they just want) from your business. Retail display fixtures should be simple and high quality, and your supplier should make it easy for you to choose the right display fixtures for the job.

If you own or operate an automotive parts store, here are some of the best choices of retail display fixtures for your establishment.

  • Retail display shelves. Shelves are the backbone of all retail display units, the fixture around which all other fixtures are planned. You can install permanent shelves that will never move, or you can line your aisles with slatwalls, which will allow to you rearrange or or reorganize your shelves to meet your business's changing needs.
  • Rotating wire racks. These freestanding retail display units come in several different shapes and sizes. You can get a small rack to sit on your countertop for encouraging impulse buys, anything from candy to air fresheners. Taller racks can complement end caps, and can be bought with hanging baskets for smaller items, or hooks for hanging ones. Try setting up an automotive theme with these display racks-you might have an end cap with a travel emergency kit, and rotating wire racks stocked with atlases and travel mugs for anyone getting ready for a vacation.
  • Plastic or acrylic bins. These transparent bins can be hung on a slatwall, or set side by side on a retail display shelf. Smaller, stackable bins can hold small auto part store items like tire gauges, air fresheners, key rings, or replacement air valve caps. Larger bins are perfect for spark plugs, gas tank caps, gloves, fuses, or light bulbs.
  • Pegboards. Pegboards come with hooks as their primary accessory, and allow you to hang things either form the wall or from a freestanding display. This is the perfect store fixture for displaying individual tools or parts that come in boxes. Other miscellaneous accessories, such as inner tubes or bungee cords, can be hung from pegboard store displays.
  • Retail display racks. These retail store display tools come in almost every conceivable shape and size, and can help you display anything you need in your auto parts store. You can line your space behind the counter with retails display racks filled with boxes of auto parts, so that your employees can find what they need easily. These racks also make great floor displays of every from candy to carbeuretors.
An auto parts store is a great investment in this difficult economy, as long as you're paying close attention to your retail fixtures and displays. Nothing increases sales more than a pleasant shopping experience, and having the right display fixtures is a huge part of what makes an automotive store so great.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Public Relations for Auto Parts Companies

Have you seen the local automotive parts companies in your town? They have vehicles, which deliver parts to the various shops as needed. These auto parts stores need to be involved in the communities they serve and it would serve them well to indeed do a little Public Relations or PR from time to time.

Of course they can do the usual; sponsor a soccer or little league team, but what else can they do? Well as a case study lets throw out a new concept; have the auto parts store join a local neighborhood business watch program? Why you ask? Well let us look at their business model for a moment;

AUTO PARTS COMPANIES: These companies drive around all day to dealerships, auto maintenance facilities, and utility companies. They have many drivers, two-way dispatch and cover lots of territories. Their vehicles are driven by young high energy people who can really add excitement to the groups and who have friends who party a lot and are more apt to commit crimes. It is good to have these drivers warn their friends and acquaintances of this new program; it serves as a deterrent.

Now can you see why this makes sense and it costs them nothing to participate in it and look at the valuable community goodwill it will generate too. Perhaps you might consider this in 2006.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Auto Parts - Top 9 Benefits of Buying Online

Shopping for auto parts can be challenging because, no one brick 'n' mortar store can offer you the best deal on all automotive parts. But shopping online can often get you the quality at a price that's unbeatable.

The following are some of best benefits you can derive from buying auto parts online.

1. It Highly Convenient: You simply don't need to go out shopping for auto parts, no need to drive your car to a shop or shops, no queues, no waiting, no refueling, or so many things that can tire you unnecessarily. Just hop on in front of your system and you've reached the market.

2. Your Options Galore: At an online auto parts marketplace, there's an abundance of suppliers offering millions of products. Hence the chances of your finding exactly what you're looking for and of the quality you desire, are much higher. Compare this to a visit to a brick 'n' mortar auto parts store which can only house as much variety of products as the floor space warrants.

3. You Maintain Your Peace Of Mind: At a typical brick 'n' mortar store, some salespeople might seem to act pushy at times, and it can very disturbing. Online shopping saves you the trouble of dealing of such an undesirable experience.

4. Get Factual Information About Your Supplier: A trustworthy supplier isn't only about impressive talking skills or frequent smiles. What you need to know is the background of the seller, and how much experience they have, or what do others who've bought from the seller say about him? Several online buying platforms are equipped with either systems to allow you to sift through the responses of other people. And/or they have some kind of a certification program, wherein those sellers who meet a specific quality criteria can be easily identified.

5. You Can Read Reviews: Reviews give you a clearer vision about the quality of products, what to look for? which products to avoid? etc. With online shops you have the option to surf through reviews of professionals, as well as read what customers who bought the products had to say.

6. The Markets Are Open 24 x 7 x 365 or 6!: You don't need to figure out the working hours of any online store, or wait till they open, or hurry before they close. It's just you and an online connection that you need. So if you're one of those nocturnal beings then an online automotive parts store is just the right place for you.

7. Greater Reach - Distances Don't Matter: Who said that the automobile industry was a local phenomenon? You can place an order from one part of the world to a seller located at the opposite end of the globe. This is a great facility, especially for business buyers, or who place orders in bulk. However, even consumers or "DIY buyers," can search nationally or internationally for products they need.

8. A Chance To Buy Pennies On The Dollar: With so many competing sellers out there trying to get your attention with offers, discounts, etc, you as a customer, really are the "KING." Needless to mention that you can zero in on some of the best deals around, within a short time. And that's not all, as most of the time shipping is free, or costs very little.

9. It Saves Time: When you go out shopping it can eat into your time, and this can be frustrating especially on a weekend. On the other hand with online shopping you can search and purchase much faster, and you also get to spend more time with family 'n' friends.

With so many benefits of online shopping for auto parts, you might visit a real store as you might go for a picnic from time to time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things to Consider Before Buying Used Automotive Radiators

As per the observation made by the transportation department of the United States, you can make your driving safe and smooth on the road by frequent radiator checkup. In fact, radiator can be considered as one of the most important auto parts that play a major role for an effective cooling system. The cooling system of a car must function properly to avoid any kind of mechanical breakdown. Replacing or repairing radiator, aids in decreasing the danger of roadside accidents or failure.

Car radiator can be generally defined as a type of heat exchanger, which aids to chill the engine by transferring warm air from the hot coolant to the air blown where the hot air is blown out through a fan. It is the main feature of a car cooling system that permits the engine to perform fine by maintaining the right temperature. So, if the radiator of your car is not working properly, replacing them can always be considered as the best alternative. Checking and replacing the defective old radiator regularly can definitely enhance the life and performance of vehicle. However, if you are thinking of buying a new radiator then you must rethink, as going for a used radiator can be yet another alternative. In fact, over the past few years the concept of selecting used radiators has gained enormous popularity.

These days there are various online catalogs and stores that offer used radiators in varied styles and sizes. You can choose easily according to your requirement, but before ordering you must perform an adequate research. Although a used radiator can save your considerable money, but it's more like a speculation, unless you can find out that the used radiator is in good condition. Thus, there are few things that you must look for prior to plunking down your hard-earned money.

If you are purchasing a used radiator from any online auto accessories store, then you cannot inspect them visually. As a result, you need to take care of other vital considerations like:

o You must check for online manuals. Today on an internet you can easily find several resources that may help you find the used radiator as per your desired needs. Nevertheless, it is always more sensible to verify for online manuals or information particularly regarding the specification of a radiator. As different models of a same vehicle may use radiator whose specification may alter very minutely.

o Always go for comparison in price and promo. Try to stay away from getting hooked instantaneously on a deal that may seem too excellent to pass up. So, the best thing you can do is surf through several sites of performance radiator sellers and note down any single offer that differentiate that seller from other.

o Try to give attention to details. Giving strict attention to details of a used radiator can help you enjoy a trustworthy transaction.  As an example, a large variety of used radiators differentiates each other on the basis of materials and their construction. Thus, once you give attention to details like the construction and materials used to prepare radiator, it can help you serve the concern for both high performance and durability of a radiator.

Now, if you are purchasing a used radiator from any of your local auto accessories store, make sure you consider the following points very carefully:

o Make sure you visually inspect the used radiator very carefully. Look for corrosion, damage, and defects. A leak that lasts more than a few days will strip the paint wherever it drips. In addition to this, always check the cooling cores for damage or bending and the mounting brackets.

o Ensure you also check its coolant pumps. They must be of high capacity to make up with your auto's engine. It is important to note that good coolant pumps are blessed with the quality to force coolant through hot engines much faster than others.

Today you cannot deny the fact that a radiator is very part of an auto engine. Going for a used auto radiator can be the best option in comparison to new one, but you must make sure it meets each of the important guidelines mentioned above. You must ensure that the selected used radiator must possess high performance to increase the engine effectiveness.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wheel Realignment, Maintenance, and Auto Lifts

There are two main telltale signs that your vehicle's wheels are out of whack (misaligned or maladjusted). First, the steering wheel will naturally pull the automobile in a direction other than straight. When you measure this, make sure the vehicle is traveling on an even, concrete surface and that the vehicle is traveling at a constant speed. In other words, there are no other forces manipulating the vehicle.

The second symptom will be physically apparent in your front tires. If there is wear across the width of the tire in the form of a thin tread on the inside and outside of the tire, you should have a mechanic evaluate your tires. There are other possibilities, of course, but these two are the most common indications of a set of tires that need realignment.

There are many reasons to address this. The primary concern is safety, but poor alignment can contribute to lower fuel mileage. Regardless of whether you operate a commercial vehicle, or are concerned about a family car, you should add tire maintenance into your queue of routine maintenance.

Determining tire balance is a little more technically difficult. If tires become very unbalanced, the wheel and tire may bounce up and down at certain driving speeds leading to increased tire wear and reduced shock absorption, traction, and control. You should check and rotate tires on recommended intervals based upon the type of automobile you drive.

How Do Mechanics Perform Tire Maintenance Work?

Automotive lifts are used to perform maintenance work on the underbelly of automobiles for extended periods of time. Because automotive lifting machines are lifting cars and trucks, proper safety precautions must be taken to ensure workers' safety.

Historically the most widely used automobile lifts were in-ground lifts, which are lifts literally built into the ground, and that use pistons to lift the vehicle. When these in-ground lifts aren't being used they remain at ground level so the space can be utilized.

Another type of automobile lift is the parallelogram or scissors vehicle lift. This type is used with longer or unconventionally shaped vehicles such as transit buses. They lift the vehicle with synchronized mobile columns, often as many as six or more.

Another lift is a surface mount lift, which uses two or four separate posts that have drive-on features making them common in muffler and oil change shops. In these maintenance shops they need lifts that can lift several different types of cars in a short period of time. These shops can also store the vehicles on the lift.

It is imperative to choose a lift that is appropriate for your application to ensure the safety of its operators. It is also important to keep the lifts properly maintained. There are companies that provide auto lift products and services.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Users Guide to Finding the Best Auto Parts and Accessories

Looking for the right auto parts and accessories to replace damaged parts in your ride or upgrade existing components and systems for a better performance? Nowadays, finding your needed parts is not a problem anymore-you'll find a wide array of automotive components offered in local and online stores. However, this presents another challenge to all drivers and vehicle owners. Because of the great variety of parts available today, it's often confusing to shop for the best parts and accessories.

There are actually certain things to consider when looking for auto parts and accessories, depending on the part you're looking for and your purpose. Check out the following:

  • Material. This is a primary consideration when shopping for auto parts, especially parts working with the engine and those that have to deal with harsh conditions regularly. The materials employed to craft the parts will determine the parts' durability. Better materials guarantee optimum strength and greater probability of standing up to damage.
  • Construction. How is the part manufactured? No matter how good the materials used, poor construction can still lead to failure. Look at such things as how tubes have been bent and how the components of parts have been connected to each other. Look at the technologies employed in manufacturing the parts. The better the construction, the more efficient the part.
  • Style. This is especially important if you're looking for vehicle accessories-fender flares, spoilers, and even your vehicle lights. There are certain parts that are not only functional but are also appeal boosters. So if you're replacing a certain component, check out if you can get a replacement that can provide a customized look. Even small hardware can give you that.
  • Ease of installation. If you're the DIYer type, you may look forward to doing the installation of the part yourself. This is beneficial in two ways. One, you improve your automotive skills and experience. Two, you save more cash because you don't have to go to your mechanic for simple automotive tasks anymore. To ensure easy mounting, get the right part with the correct fit. If there's an option to get a bolt-on component, go for it.
  • Price. Due to the various websites available today, it's easy to hop from one online auto parts store to another and find the part with the most affordable price. You'll find many sites today offering a Low Price Guarantee on all their products. If there's a site that you prefer or patronize, take advantage of this guarantee by looking for a cheaper counterpart of the product being offered-you might just get the part at a lower price without having to shop from another un-trusted website.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Comparison Between OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts

Automotive spare parts are broadly divided into two types - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts. OEM parts are made by the original vehicle manufacturer or an authorized manufacturer gets exclusive rights and specifications from the original company to make the automotive parts.

Aftermarket parts are not manufactured by the vehicle manufacturers. Aftermarket parts are designed in such a way that they fit into two or three similar automobile models. Though OEMs and aftermarket parts look similar, their design and quality is different.

To understand the difference between OEM and aftermarket spare parts let us compare various parameters.

• Quality: OEM parts are of assured quality as they are genuine and are manufactured according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Unless, the original manufacturer approves them, the auto parts cannot be manufactured. Further, as they are released in market with the original brand name, the manufacturers have long-term incentive to protect the reputation of the brand and thus maintain the quality as per the standards.

Independent manufacturers buy rights to manufacture and supply original parts. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are not made by the OEM, they are not original. That doesn't mean that aftermarket products are of sub-standard quality. They also perform well and at times they are of the same quality as the original or OEM parts.

• Variety: When it comes to variety, we have to admit that aftermarket parts are available in wide variety, as dozens of companies manufacture them in different variations. They are designed to fit different auto makes. However, this overwhelming selection may sometimes confuse the customer and may increase the likelihood of getting a bad quality product.

OEM parts are manufactured by only some companies. They are designed to fit in a specific automobile. So, the variety may not be that great. However, this limited variety helps the user to choose the exact spare part for the automobile.

• Cost: OEM parts are expensive when compared to the aftermarket parts. Aftermarket manufactures often succumb to the price pressure and tend to reduce the prices to make the products viable. In this process they may compromise on the quality of the products.

But, OEMs, bearing the responsibility to protect the brand image of the company will not manufacture sub-standard parts. Thus, their pricing is almost close to the original parts. Though they are expensive it's worth investing because of their promising quality and durability.

• Warranty: Warranty is the major difference between OEM parts and aftermarket parts. OEMs generally back up their products with at least one year warranty. But the after-market manufacturers in order to keep the costs down will not provide any warranty for the parts.

• Usability: OEM parts are similar to the original parts and will exactly fit the automobile. As aftermarket products are designed to fit a variety of models, one has to check if it fits their automobile. In some cases, they may require slight/major modifications before installing to make them fit correctly and operate properly in a specific vehicle.

• Availability: OEM parts are available at authorized dealerships. One has to go to a dealership to buy. Whereas aftermarket products are available at different places like auto stores, gas stations, mechanic/repair shops, etc. leaving you with more options to make a purchase.

• Safety and security: The use of low quality material may increase safety issues with aftermarket parts. But OEM parts are reliable as the manufacturers never compromise on the quality factor. If the aftermarket parts are of low quality or less expensive, then they may wear faster. So, you need to check them periodically to avoid safety issues.

To conclude, aftermarket parts are made by local manufacturers and they don't meet the standards of the OEM parts. You can find two varieties in aftermarket parts - good quality and low quality, but it is not the same with OEM parts, they are of high quality. If you can figure out the brands that offer good quality aftermarket parts with lot of price variation compared to OEM parts, that you can save money. However, if the price difference is negligible it's better to opt for OEM parts.