Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Product Sales For Auto Products Likely To Improve With New Driving Patterns

For months, every driver and car owner in the United States and in the rest of the world was suffering from really high gas and fuel prices. Because of this, almost everybody was trying to cut back from using their vehicles and would rather find alternative ways of traveling from one destination to another.

However, it seems like the upward trend of gas and fuel prices has already reached its peak and is now starting to decline. With such a trend going on, many companies who do offer automotive parts and other services are now hoping that the drivers would go back to their usual habits. And in this line, the companies would also be benefiting from such for more drivers on the road would also mean more revenue for companies and businesses who offer auto parts like Audi car parts and auto services like repairs.

The NPD Group, one of the auto industry's leading company on that provides information on consumer and retail, does say that come the following year, businesses who offer auto services like maintenance and repair are much likely to suffer from low income if people do not go back to their normal driving habits. Of course, if a person does not use his vehicle that often and his vehicle only gets a couple in his mileage, then maintenance would also not be done much. However, with frequent use, that is when these businesses that offer car maintenance get in more revenue.

David Portalatin is the director of industry analysis for the NPD Group. And with the changing trends, he does offer, "Spending on vehicle appearance could be a real bright spot in the market in 2007. Companies might consider offering product bundles and/or service packages that cross-promote appearance and maintenance items to make the most of the appearance oriented consumer purchase occasion." However, he also does have a piece of advice for those in the auto business: "Another option could be to ensure when consumers visit a retailer or service outlet for repairs, that they are also cross-sold maintenance products or services to capture more unperformed maintenance."

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