Monday, October 28, 2013

Auto Magazine Redesigns Itself To Bring In More Readers

It is not a secret that to actually bring in more customers to your product, you should first be able to know what kind of competition you do have and what kind of thing are you really offering. That way, you can specifically pinpoint what would you be offering and where you should target the product.

It seems like this kind of technique is being put into action by Car and Driver magazine. In previous years, Car and Driver magazine was mainly targeting the automotive enthusiasts audience. However, today, they are redesigning the magazine so as to bring in not only that specific audience but a broader range of readers.

This week, you would now find the new December issue and the new kind of design that this automotive magazine has. In fact, editors from the magazine do say that this redesign of theirs is actually one of the very first in twenty years. However, the changes just do not end where the magazine ends. You see, even the Car and Driver magazine website has been redesigned. You see, you now can find a buyers' guide. Advertisers can also put in and announce their wares and products. Visitors to the website can also select and do their research on vehicles that they are interested in.

"Csaba and his team are viewed as the leading authorities about all things automotive, and their independent expertise is respected by consumers. Enthusiasts like to be knowledgeable about the newest models, how they are designed and how they drive. People who are getting ready to make one of their biggest purchases want advice in order to make a solid decision, and they value the third-party, unbiased tests and reviews from Car and Driver editors. Hachette invests millions of dollars in this area - more than any other automotive magazine brand - and now we can monetize this investment by serving a greatly expanded new audience through our various digital media," says Jack Klinger. Klinger is the president as well as the CEO of Hachette Filipacchi Media in the US. This company is behind the changes in the Car and Driver magazine's website.

If you are in the market though for vehicle add-ons like APC lights, Bestop Jeep tops, or Bosal exhausts, the magazine has yet to announce if they would be including such products in their magazine or on their website.

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