Sunday, March 16, 2014

Roush Drag Pack Mustang: To Conquer The Streets And The Strips

It is no secret that Ford Motor Company is exerting extra efforts to be back in the automotive spotlight. Earlier, Ford launched its Bold Moves, the automaker's advertising strategy that is made up of several episodes and product launches.

Bold Moves, the online documentary of Ford, includes the Way Forward plan. The latter is designed to convey the essence of building Ford vehicles. The documentary also shows Ford's programs aimed at guiding its workers who are about to lose their job due to find new employment.

"The documentary will present a picture of a company that is committed to revitalization through our people, products, improved quality and costs, and a laser-sharp focus on the customer," said Mark Fields, Ford's President of the Americas. "Each episode will provide evidence that it's not business as usual at the Ford Motor Company and that 'Change or Die' is not a sound bite. It's the way we're approaching our future."

According to Mary Lou Quesnell, director of Ford Brand DNA, "Over time, the body of work we are creating will tell a compelling story about bold products, bold leadership and Ford's customer focus. We will provide both sides of the conversation and let America watch Ford's turnaround as it happens."

Bold Moves is produced by JWT Detroit and JWT New York. Said production is directed by Radical Media Inc., a famed New York-based production company. The latter has already established its name in making quality documentaries. In fact, it was given the highly-acclaimed Academy Award in its previous production.

Part of Bold Moves is the introduction of striking vehicle lineup to revive its charisma and lure more car enthusiasts. Its new lineup includes the rear-wheel drive Fusion, C1-based Focus, Fiesta, and the Mustang. Auto parts Ford Focus are subjected to several enhancements. Consequently, Ford Fiesta performance parts and Ford Mustang parts accessories are painstakingly tested to pave way to powerful vehicles that bear the automaker's unmistakable quality and performance.

Other Ford brands will also have empowered vehicle lineup. Lincoln will maintain the production of MKZ/Zephyr and Town Car. Mercury, on one hand, will be offering Montego, Milan, and Meta-one.

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