Sunday, January 12, 2014

Japanese Brand Dominates The Automotive Market

The fluctuating of figures continues to shake the automotive industry. One moment the figures are up the next instant it is on the contrary. Based on the recent statistics, car sales and registrations were down on last year.

When asked to explain the fluctuation occurring in the automotive world, Perry Kerr, Motor Industry Association chief Perry explained, "The new-vehicle market is continuing to adjust to the pressures experienced in other sectors of the economy, but this downturn must also be taken in the context that new-vehicle sales increased year-over from 2000 to 2005."

Regardless of the fluctuating sales, Toyota continues its triumph in car production and sales. In fact, this year Toyota celebrates its 18th year of continued excellence in sales. So far, no other automaker has toppled it.

Toyota has sold 12,029 new vehicles to the end of July. In July, the automaker sold 1746 cars. It was followed by Ford with 1212, Holden with 798, Mitsubishi with 600, Nissan with 585, Honda with 541 and Mazda with 469.

Toyota is expecting more sales since Camry was released to amaze and satisfy the needs of car fanatics. Camry uses innovative auto parts Toyota to boost performance, style and comfort. The front-drive Camry, which has a 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine, is offered at $36,500.

According to the automaker, Camry's five-speed manual offers 8.9 litres/100km. On the other hand, the five-speed automatic offers 9.9 litres/100km. The dynamics of Camry are also improved. It width was increased, height decreased and wheelbase extended. Toyota is aiming the 117kW/218Nm 2.4-litre Camry to rule the fleet market the same way that it dominates New Zealand's private sales.

Toyota is preserving its earned victory so the industry can expect more changes and innovations from this rising Japanese brand. Toyota is also continuing its studies and tests to further improve the quality and performance of its parts and accessories.

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